TAKE PART! - Become a Member-Owner

As a consumer cooperative, Whole Foods Co-op provides the opportunity for individuals to become a part of the store by purchasing equity.  The cost is a one-time purchase of $100, you can choose to pay the amount in full or in installments.  Your benefits begin with your first payment, and you will receive a stock certificate upon completion.

Your $100 buys one share of stock.  Only one person may own the stock though you may choose to include other individuals in your household on your account.  The chosen individuals will be able to take advantage of special sales and events but are not eligible to vote or hold a seat on the Board of Directors.  You may cancel your equity share at any time for a full refund; refunds of equity are issued to the stockholder and are non-transferable.

Member-Owner Application

8 Great Reasons to Become a Member-Owner

  1. To support your local economy and be part of something special
    Whole Foods Co-op is 100% local and owned by people like you. Shopping with us keeps money in the local economy and we strive to support other local businesses and involve ourselves with creating an exciting place for everyone to come to for great, healthy food.
  2. Opportunities to Learn
    The Co-op offers classes and demonstrations throughout the year about food, health, mind, and body. Our staff is very knowledgable and is always willing to help.
  3. Special Member-Owner Only Shopping Events
    We host special shopping events and great deals on the items you buy most.
  4. Patronage Refund
    Each purchase you make adds to your total, and ultimately your cut of any patronage refund that may be given out at the end of the fiscal year. To find out more about patronage refunds, click here.
  5. Special Ordering
    Member-owners can place special orders for larger quantities or cases of items which may be eligible for a 10% case discount. You are also able to order items we do not stock on the shelf but are available for us to order in.
  6. Use the Co-op Community Room Free of Charge
    Member-owners may reserve the Community Room for parties and events for free. Read more about our Community Center here.
  7. Board Positions and Voting
    We would love for you to take an active role in the Co-op and consider running for a position on our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the voice of the Co-op member-owners. (Note: Only the individual who owns the share of stock may vote and have a seat on the Board of Directors)
  8. Annual Meeting
    You are invited to attend our annual member-owner meeting where you meet the Board of Directors and hear about how the Co-op is doing and what we have planned for the future. It's a chance to connect with some of your fellow Co-op'ers and have fun.

The Whole Plan

Personal Shopping Consultations

Perhaps you have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Or maybe you want to change the way you eat for a healthier lifestyle. Planning meals for a new lifestyle can feel like putting together a puzzle, and shopping can become frustrating. Reading labels, staying within a budget, and of course finding things that taste good and are "fun" to eat... it all starts to feel overwhelming.

We started The Whole Plan to help with this very problem. We offer personal shopping consultations as a free service to member-owners; let us help make the transition easier for you! To start the process, email the Community Education Coordinator at outreach@wfcerie.coop.