A Guiding Principle

The Coop's mission statement is "To serve our community as the foremost provider of foods and products that enrich health and well-being, cultivating a spirit of community through excellent service and education."

Education and Community are two of the seven Cooperative Principles that guide cooperatives around the world and they're a very important part of what we're all about here at Whole Foods Co-op. We offer weekly classes and participate in public events throughout the year; we have knowledgeable staff members who go the extra distance to be sure that our customers get the help they need in the store.

A few examples of some of the things we do for the community:

  • Cash donation are made to local non-profit agencies. Every month the Co-op chooses a different non-profit agency or charity. The Co-op will match the contributions up to $200.
  • Annual community events
  • Participation in community events related to our mission
  • Support of local and regional initiatives focused on environmentally responsible practices
  • Community education on issues related to our mission through community education classes, classroom presentations, seminars and through our newsletter and online blog articles

To view our current class schedule, go here: CLASSES

The Education and Outreach program also participates in community initiatives including The Erie Healthy Food Coalition, Bike Erie and the Environmental Working group.

If you are looking for a speaker or are organizing an event send an email to, use the contact form here or call 814-456-0282 and ask for Marketing.

The Whole Plan

Personal Shopping Consultations

Perhaps you have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Or maybe you want to change the way you eat for a healthier lifestyle. Planning meals for a new lifestyle can feel like putting together a puzzle, and shopping can become frustrating. Reading labels, staying within a budget, and of course finding things that taste good and are "fun" to eat... it all starts to feel overwhelming.

We started The Whole Plan to help with this very problem. We offer personal shopping consultations as a free service to member-owners; let us help make the transition easier for you! To start the process, email the Community Education Coordinator at