Keeping in Touch

It's important to us that we keep the info flowing. Educating and informing are an important part of our cooperative principles; please read through our blog posts. This is still new for us right now (so there aren't a lot of posts) but the articles will start to flow in and we'll be sure to let you know when new ones are available.

Latest Posts

The Great Worm Bin Experiment
Author: Sei, Produce Manager
Date posted: 2018-02-16 These little dirt-dwelling friends can put the magic back into your soil.
Taste Test: Lumi "Gold Rush" Juice Shot
Author: Sei, Produce Manager
Date posted: 2018-02-02
From the GM Perspective: Patronage Dividends
Author: LeAnna Nieratko, General Manager
Date posted: 2018-01-02
“Hi. Can I help you with anything?”
Author: Jennifer Cassano, Co-op Board Member
Date posted: 2018-01-02 That feeling when you go into a new store for the first time, a place you've been wanting to check out. You want to wrap yourself in an invisibility cloak and browse incognito... Jennifer shares her experience about the first time she came to the co-op in a short tale that's both funny and sincere.
A New Venture for 2018: The Whole Foods Co-op Goes Mobile!
Author: Justin Tapper, Food Truck Manager
Date posted: 2017-11-01 We are always trying to push the boundaries of tradition and bring food to more and more people within the community; it's our personal mission and this brings us a step further toward our goal.
National Co-op Month: Power to the People
Author: Ryan Reed Campbell, Outreach Coordinator
Date posted: 2017-10-10
Coconut Oil is NOT a Danger To Your Health
Author: Ryan Reed Campbell, Outreach Coordinator
Date posted: 2017-06-27 The skinny on this very popular fat.
The CCMA Conference 2017
Author: Wren Dugan, Board Member at Large
Date posted: 2017-06-27 Meeting up with fellow cooperatives in a fun and informative gathering that enriches the meaning and function of life on the board of directors.